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Electric Bikes/E-Bikes

A good electric bike will roughly cost you £700+. These bikes are quite expensive for just a normal rider so I would only suggest for people that ride everywhere.

You can reach up to speeds of 20 MPH on your bike (not going down hill)

You will still be able to pedal on the electric bike or you could just have a free ride (not pedaling)

The battery/motor takes roughly 3 1/2 hours – 6 hours to reach full charge.

These E-Bikes are street legal and you don’t need any sort of license to ride them on the street but you have to stay under 20 MPH

These bikes can do up to 40 miles in one charge.

Why not check out some E-Bikes Here

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P.S your technically cheating if you ride this bike as you get no exercise out of it


Cycling Gloves you MUST buy!!!

The Giant Chill Long Finger Cycling Winter Gloves are great for winters!

It includes:

  • Ergo Bolton thumb structure with stretchy areas
  • Reinforced padded Amara leather palm
  • Multi-layer stretch laminate back is water resistant and wind proof with reflective trim
  • Amara leather thumb & index finger reinforcement
  • Large, highly absorbent micro-fibre wipe area
  • Silicone applique on palm & fingers for all-weather grip
  • Pre-curved Bolton thumb construction for perfect fit

Image result for Giant Chill Long Finger Cycling Winter Gloves

The only thing is they aren’t really good for people who are on a budget!

Why not check out more!

Bike life hacks

Here are 5 useful life hacks:

  1.  You can use two old tooth brushes and tie them together to clean the chain!
  2. Clipless pedals make perfect beer bottle opener!
  3. Use your car interior wipes for hard to reach cleaning!
  4. Insert long zipties into non-Locking grips for them to  be easy to install.
  5. You can make your own snack instead of buying them from the shelves. You can use so awesome ingredients like M&Ms Cranberry and a PeperamiImage result for trail mix.

What is tour de france? Tour de france 2018!

The tour de France is one of the worlds well known cycle race. The tour de France takes place over 23 days and covers over 2,200 miles. Each year usually the race takes a different route, but always ends up in Paris. Although its named tour de France it covers other countries such as Belgium, Spain and Italy. Every race is commonly know as a ‘stage’. At the end of each day the the rider who gets to the finish line first is the ‘Stage Winner’. There is a yellow jersey which the lead rider gets to wear.In total there are 21 stages out of 23 days so the riders are only allowed 2 days rest. In 2016 Chris Froome won the race for the third time! He had also won the race in 2013 and 2015!

5 fun facts on tour de France!
  1. The first tour de France was held in 1903.
  2. One of the youngest riders to win tour de France was Henri Comet (he was only 19 . He won in 1904!
  3. The oldest rider to win tour de France was Firmin Lambot (he was 36). He won in 1922!
  4. It is expected that around 15 million people will will line the route for 2018 tour!
  5. The yellow jersey is made of a special material to keep riders cool!

This is some key information for tour de France 2018:

  • Dates: July 7-29, 2018
  • Stages: 21
  • Grand Depart: Noirmoutier-en-l’Île, Vendée
  • Finish: Paris, France
  • TV coverage (UK): Eurosport, ITV4

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Make sure you don’t miss it! Why not check out this website for more info!

Best Tricks

The tricks that I think are the best are:


Wheelies are pretty cool and most people are able to do them and you can do them at almost at any time.


Barspins are also call trick because they look that they are hard to master but infact quite easy

And are cool and to add some more difficulty try to do a 180 tailwhip


One-Hander can be really easy to perfect


No-Handers are one step above one-handers and if you really want a challenge try a jump with no-hands.


Halford’s Bike Review

Halfords is a great place to buy bikes! They have all kinds of different bikes ranging from mountain bikes to hybrid bikes. All three of us recommend buying bikes at Halfords! i Got my first ever bike there and it was a great introduction to cycling, growing up i was getting more and more bikes. At the moment oi have three bikes these are my Full Suspension Apollo, a Mongoose Bmx R90 and a Carrera Vulcan 2017. My full Suspension has lasted me 4 years and is in great working order. My BMX  is almost 2 years old and is great fun to ride around on. My Carrera is almost 3 months old and is great for every thing, for cruising around town doing bike jumps and Wheelies overall i like my Carrera the most.

The most expensive mountain bike!

Would you dare to buy the Haibike 2017 Xduro Fullseven Carbon 9.0?

Image result for Haibike 2017 Xduro Fullseven Carbon

It’s got, Sram X0, trigger switch Shifters!

And has got very high quality tyres!

For a mountain bike thats pretty cool!

But would you buy it for £10,000.00?

Check out their website at!

Ryan Macaskill :The Ridge

Danny Macaskill is a Scottish mountain bike rider that completes the hardest challenges of all time. On 1st October 2014 he completed the ridge. It was the hardest challenge he had ever completed. The whole way down the mountain it was rocky and there was no clear path or route to go down it was just completed rocks. At one point he climbed up to the highest point with his bike and the must have been only 1m of space. All of the journey there was no mistakes made and if had made a mistake he would have fell down the mountain. One of the coolest tricks he completed was when he rode up to the barbed wire fence at pace and hit the front wheel and he flipped and landed perfectly.

Why not check out BBC’s footage here.


Here are some fails of me trying 12o’clocks. A 12o’clock is when your frame is at a 12o’clock position.  I rate this trick a 6/10 in difficulty and 9/10 style points. I tried and tried and failed alot here are some of my fails Enjoy.

Cycling for charity

Cycling is a great way to collect money for charity! It is also

an amazing way to support very worthwhile causes like Breast Cancer

Now, British Heart Foundation and NSPCC.

Cycling for charity is very big  organisation.

Cycling for charity is very important as

you can fundraise a lot of money.

Image result for charity cycling

 It is also great for exercise! So why not cycle once a day and raise money for others?

Why not visit their website?

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